Video Surveillance Systems

Our focal point is the safety of your family, employees and customers.

Helping you reduce the Threat of burglary, vandalism or liability Claims.

Perhaps you are a residential building manager accountable for protecting the grounds and tenants, no matter what your challenge is, Video Surveillance is crucial to help keeping your facility safe And secured, Our integrated video surveillance system are built to suit your needs and your budget.

Our systems are designed to stream on the Web, iOS & Android devices. Our NVRs or DVRs can be configured to record at offsite loations.
Condominiums, Residences and/or Parking Garages, start taking control of your business with our LPR system. Login to our customized cloud web application to view live inventories and customized reports. Residents can add visitors on our web app with specific times. Parking garages can sell validations and add monthly customers all through our cloud web app.
Our systems capture and stream video and audio content in HD resolution.
Stay connected from anywhere. We offer a variety of IP cameras at EIS. From hidden cameras to TV walls, we have them all.
Let us professionaly install your new 4K HD Indoor & Outdoor Video survillance system with 24/7 secure remote Access. Our systems are designed to stream on the Web, iOS & Android devices.
Our camera apps allows live playback, recordings, snapshots and videorecording on your mobile device.
We integrate video systems with access control systems, facial recognition, license plate recognition cameras and more.
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